It is never late to learn any instrument which you are interested in. As people say that listening to music and playing instrument is a stress buster and keep mind in peace.

So I request  the people that age doesn’t matter to learn anything. Go ahead whatever your heart says!!!

My Name is Amit Tete and I belongs to Hyderabad, India. From childhood I was very much interested in music as a child I did not differentiate my mind what was going in my head. I later join Choir group at the time of higher school.  

As my age pass I finally realised that my interest and passion was to learn instrument  and then I surfed all the internet  for the lessons, songs tab etc. I used to visit for internet lesson in internet café as we do not have internet in every home at that time.

So I have decided to give classes through internet and wanted to share my experience and difficulties where I faced and what made those challenges easy by taking few steps. So I am here to explain things in simplified ways.