Guitar Scales

Pentatonic Guitar Scales Most of the beginners have the difficulties in learning the scales. There are many types of scale […]

Basic Chords family

Based on the key of the family you need to play chords inside that family. If you know these chords […]

Lesson 2: Chord Position

Lesson 2 Chords and their Position Hello!!! Guys Once you know the basic strumming patterns like up and down strokes […]

Lesson 1: Strumming pattern

Know to strum Guitar This step should not be skipped because it is the essential thing to be learn. Without […]

Description about guitar:

Guitar is a 6 or 7 string instrument which is played by fingers or by the pluck. There are different […]

Tuning A Guitar

First of all before begin to learn or practice you need to do is tune your guitar, because without proper […]