Basic Chords family

Chords family
Chord Progression

Based on the key of the family you need to play chords inside that family. If you know these chords progression you can easily play any songs which you like.

This lessons will make you play guitar more and your interest will become more to master in it. You have to learn these Chords and you will play any song based the key of the family. Key of the family is nothing but the head of the family in my terms.

Example: Take G as a Key(Family Head)  So for this family they Guitar Chords will be G, C & D {Basic family} you should revolve in this vice versa, once you master in this family we will move to advance chord family.

While playing this chords keep your ear open so that at some point you can identify which chord you are playing.

Basic Chords family Chart:

Table for Chord family

Note: Capital Roman letter (I, IV, V) indicate Major chord and (i, ii, vi) indicates minor chord. There is an exceptional for the F family which is (F, Bb, C).

For Chords family take chords from the table of (I, IV, V).

By seeing the above table use the formula : I-IV-V for the chord progression. For Example: In Key of A take: A-D-E.
If you want to add minors in this the formula will be : I-vi(minor)-IV-V so we see the formula will be: A-Fm-D-E.

You can find the songs with A key in the internet. Pick up the song which you know so that it will be easy. Then start practicing till you learn that song.

Learn stumming timing and transition from one chord to another chord once you learn the song. Like that learn all the chord progression based on the Key.

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