Lesson 2: Chord Position

Lesson 2

Chords and their Position

Hello!!! Guys Once you know the basic strumming patterns like up and down strokes and holding a pluck the next lesson will be the chord position. Here the main role will be played by the left hand(For Right Hander) and right hand(For Left hander).

I just want to share my experience in learning the chords. When I was beginner the most comfortable chord position was D Chords as you plug it easily. So I will start the positioning with D Chords. Below is the chord daigram:

Once you are comfortable with the positioning try to pluck the string individually and it ring when you pluck and try to hold the position till it ring.

After learning D Chord the descending easy chord are G Major, Em etc below are the diagram of the chords:

G Chord
Em chord
a minor chord
C Chord

After learning these chord accurately as mentioned before that while placing a position the each string should ring. While learning this position you may feel pain . Whenever you feel pain please take some rest and again start to play these chord. Once you are comfortable with these chords, you can start playing with a song. I will give you few example of basic songs which you can play in guitar by using chords family.
The most important thing is timing and its changing of the chords. I am gonna show you in further classes.

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